Saturday, April 22, 2006

The start of a journey

The start of a journey
Assalamualaikum my fellow brothers and sisters.

First of all I would like to pray to Allah and ask Him to always give me the patience to actually finish off whatever I want to blog about each time. For as long as I can remember I have always been writing but looking back, I think I have more unfinished stories than finished ones. But enough about that. Let me tell you why I've decided to join the blogging world.

Besides writing I also love doing my own research on anything that is related to Islam. Anything just to broaden my knowledge about my own religion. And I want to share them.

In this era, with so many outside influences, if our Iman is not strong enough, we can easily be 'terpesong from landasan-landasan agama Islam'. Let us all help each other out to make sure that we will always be on the right path. I am also hoping that with the creation of this blog I will be more determined than ever to improve myself as a muslimah. Most of my writings that you will find here are meant to remind me of what I should and should not do as a muslimah and I hope you all will also learn something from it.



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