Monday, April 24, 2006

It's All about LOVE.

Its All about L.O.V.E.

A good friend of mine has lent me a book called "Tentang Cinta" or in English "(All) About Love". Now don't get me wrong, this is not just some romantic novel but this is actually a book on the sort of relationships that we as Muslims should have or aim for. I have yet to finish reading the book but I'd like to share some of the stuffs that I've read so far.

Now, LOVE can be so overwhelming and not to mention consuming that you don't seem to notice anything around you but your partner. The world revolves around him/her. You love him/her sooo much that you never want to let go. You hold their hand wherever you go, you put your arm around them when you are watching the movies at the cinema, you kiss their cheeks before you part at the end of a date. Now when you were doing all of the above, have you ever stopped and think "This is haram. I shouldn't be doing this!"?

That's the thing about 'bercinta'. It seems that once a couple have declared to each other that they are an item, it is permissible for them to touch each other. It's funny really - a girl feels happy and proud to hold her boyfriend's hand but felt outraged when a stranger tries to do the same, when in actual fact both men are not their 'mahram' hence BOTH of them should not be allowed for any touch/kiss/hug sessions. Why allow one and not the other? On what basis makes the girl think that touching the bf is ok but the stranger is not ok?

Now some people might think that I am old fashioned! (Indakan atu pun inda bulih?? Apa jua pigang tangan) What's love without hugs and kisses? What's love without holding each other's hands? Now my dear that is not love, that is LUST.

True love is pure. You love that person so much that you don't want any harm done to him/her. If you experience true love, you should want the person to be safe and happy all the time not only during this life also in the afterlife (akhirat). Now how do you become happy in the afterlife? By going to heaven. How can you enter heaven? Only if you do all the things that Allah told you to do and leave all the things that Allah told you not to do. Now ask yourself do you love your partner? You may say 'YES!' Now think, have you ever hold his/her hand(s)? If you say 'yes' to this, then no, you don't love your partner. Partly maybe, but definitely not wholly.

Let me quote what a friend of mine have said once, it more or less sounds like this "Kalau org atu sayang kau di dunia saja, balum lagi sayang tu, mesti sayang not only di dunia but also di akhirat". Now girls and boys, always look for a partner who can help you to become a better muslim/muslimah. If he thinks that you are weird that you don't want to hold his hands, gently remind him that it is haram. Chances are, he will respect you more. But remember, do whatever you do all because of Allah. :)

On that note, I will leave you with something that I picked up from the "Tentang Cinta" book:

"Cinta yang lazimnya ditujukan kepada pemuasan hawa nafsu semata, sebenarnya ialah cinta yang diilhamkan Tuhan untuk haiwan."



Blogger rOse.OutgOing said...

Assalammualaikum..i kno this one is a last year post but i thnk there is no word late to giving a comment :) (bcoz i juz found ur blog sis) well, this post cought my attention. u ryt dat nowdays d meaning of love has 2 b overwhelming cz it hasn't a pure meaning anymore.It mixed with lust. n wat ur friend said was same as wat my uncle said 2 me wen i was 13..he said that bcoz at that age i was crushing wit sum1..cinta monyet la hehe.. jadi ingat syairnya Jalaluddin Rumi: "Hawa nafsumu adalah induk segala berhala,berhala jasmani adalah ular,namun berhala ruhani adalah naga.Adalah mudah menghancurkan sebuah berhala,sangat mudah;namun menganggap gampang menaklukan nafsu adalah bodoh, bodoh sekali"

11:55 am  
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