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Friday prayers

Friday Prayer

Wifes... please remind your husbands to go for their Friday prayers
The kain raya shopping can wait
Mothers...please remind your sons to go for their Friday prayers
The grocery shopping can wait
Girfriends...please remind your boyfriends to go for their Friday Prayers
The window shopping can wait.

I was supposed to post on something else but I think this post is more important and significant at the moment.

You see, my mother, sis and I goes out every Friday morning to do our general shopping. And every week we see muslim men walking around during the Friday prayers. The sad thing is, masjid in Brunei is everywhere. The furtherst masjid should be about 20 mins drive at most from whereever you are at the time. Hence there should be no excuse for not going for the Friday prayers.

Husbands walking around with their child in one hand and a son in tow while their wifes are buzy looking for the perfect kain raya is a norm for the past couple of weeks. So not only the husband was neglecting his duty to go for the Friday prayers, both parents were also teaching their son that it is ok to do so. I am afraid that there will be a time when the masjids will be completely empty during the Friday prayers. Nauzubillah!

Go to The Mall on Friday around 1pm and you will see muslim couples walking around holding hands or the bf sitting around in C&K while waiting for the gf to choose the perfect pair of shoes during the Friday prayer times. Ladies, please ask your bfs to go to the Jame' mosque while you try to choose the perfect pair of shoes.

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Apabila diserukan azan (bang) untuk mengerjakan sembahyang pada hari Jum'at, maka segeralah kamu pergi (ke masjid) untuk mengingati Allah (dengan mengerjakan sembahyang Jum'at) dan tinggalkanlah berjual beli (pada saat itu); yang demikian adalah lebih baik bagi kamu, jika kamu mengetahui (hakikat yang sebenarnya).
(Surah Al-Jum'at: 9)

Translation: " O ye who believe! When the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (the Day of Assembly), hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah, and leave off business: That is best for you if ye but knew!"
(Surah Al-Jum'at:9)

We have been warned by Allah. HE specifically mentioned 'business' !

My dear sisters, let us not be the cause of the downfall of the morale of our generation. Little do we know that us, women, are powerful beings. Because of "love" men follow us blindly and set their religious duties aside. It is something that we should not be proud of. Remember how Hawa (Eve) influenced Adam to eat buah Khuldi (I forgot whats the English term for it)?

Since this is Ramadan, the holy month, there is no other better time then now to change our attitude. Come Friday, remind your husband/son/bf to go for their Friday prayers. I will end this post with these two hadiths:

"Barang siapa yang meninggalkan sembahyang Jumaat tiga kali dengan tiada keuzuran maka dia adalah seorang munafiq."(Hadis riwayat Ibnu Hibban)

"Aku menitikberatkan (memerintahkan) supaya seorang lelaki itu bersembahyang dengan beramai-ramai (berjemaah), kemudian aku berazam membakar rumah-rumah mereka (lelaki) yang meninggalkan sembahyang Jumaat."(Hadis riwayat Muslim)



Blogger Anneesa said...

Salaam Sister, I enjoy your writings, please do write more often. You write the blunt truth and that is very refreshing.

11:05 am  
Blogger MuslimahMelayu said...

salaam ness :) Thank you for your comment. Actually my posts are directed to me. I want to think that whenever i'm reading my blog, i'm also sternly reminding myself on what not to do. Thats why they are blunt. i will try to write more often...but u noe lah..malas ani sometimes bermaharajalela.hehe

11:00 pm  
Anonymous Goimaalik said...

Girfriends...please remind your boyfriends to go for their Friday Prayers The window shopping can wait.



Tell your bfs either to go meet your parents to propose, or ditch them. Tell these losers to get lost (hey as far as i'm concern a guy who push the woman he claim to love into The Fire IS A BIG TIME LOSER IN MY BOOK).

1:57 am  

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