Sunday, May 06, 2007

Penawar Hati


It hasn't been a very good week. Bucket loads of tears were shed here and there. Sighh. SOoooOO I'm going to post a story about my adorable niece again. :D

I truly thank Allah for giving my second sister 3 adorable daughters as well as giving my eldest sister a son. Alhamdulillah. The laughters that I hear and the hugs and kisses that I get everytime I come home from work never fail to lift my spirit. Somehow the world seems sooo simple when they are around. It makes me wish to be like them. Young and carefreeeee!

Sometimes it overwhelms me how much i lapppp my nieces and nephew. They are growing up sooo fast tooo. Too fast to my liking!

A few days ago my niece N ( the one i mentioned in previous post) and her little sister D were playing around in my room. N took a pair of scissors and started cuting up some of my loose (phew!) papers. I trust N, she's young but berakal (smart), so I let her play with the scissors.

She was sitting a bit too close to Lil' D that I said to her:
"Kaka, jangan pakai gunting ampir2 sama adik D, karang kana adik D."
(Trans: Kaka, don't play with the scissors and sit closely next to Lil' D, you might cut her)

N immediately moved away from her little sister and said:
"Awu ahh Bongsu....karang sakit adik D."
(Trans: You are right Bongsu.....I might hurt her)

Then suddenly N asked, " Bongsu, kaka gunting2 keratas, keratas inda sakit kah?"
(Trans: Bongsu, when I cut this paper, can it feel pain?)

ERK. I dont like it when N started asking questions like this, cause she will NOT stop asking until you give her a reasonable and sensible answer!

So I tentatively answered, " Inda." ( No)

"Napa keratas inda sakit bongsu?"
(Trans: Why can't it feel pain Bongsu?)

I knew it! Hiyaaaa...what do i say to that?
So I went: " Keratas inda pandai rasa."
(Trans: Coz papers can't feel anything)

"Kenapa keratas inda pandai rasa?"
(Trans: Why cant they feel anything?)

I started mumbling some answers but suddenly N went:

" Ohh!! Pasal keratas nada mata, idung, mulut!! Sebab atu lah ia inda rasa sakit!!!"
(Trans: Ohh!! Cause papers have got no eye, nose and mouth! That's why they can't feel pain!!)

PHEW!! She solved her own problem! hahaha

SO i went: "Ahhhh banar tuu! pasal ia nada mata, idung and mulut."
(Trans: Ahhhhh that's right! It's because they have got no eye, nose and mouth."

Satisfied with that, N immediately went on cutting the papers. Ahhhh peace.

Sayang sayang sayaaaannggg ku kan drg ani ehhhh. Lil' D's second bday is tomorrow. I still havent bought her anything. I dont even know what to buy. HmmmHHmmm.



Blogger rOse.OutgOing said...

Salaam sis...

You know what, i'm wondering how D looks like hehehe... She must be lawa niy hehe...

Reading your post makes me missing my cozen, Kintan (the one who you looked on my post) sooo much. Maybe D and K (for Kintan :p) can be friends hehehe...

Ntw, i wanna say something which i forgot to tell you, i really love to visit your blog coz i feel like i find my another muslimah friend here :)

If you don't mind, may i hv your email addy? mine is

Have a nice day sis :)

10:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe one of bday presents you could get her is maybe buku cerita pasal nabi kah.. an easy one for kids to read and understand

1:04 am  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

salaam rose, emel sent :)

anonymous: salaam! Thats a very good idea! maybe i should buy those books for my niece N, her bday is in sept. Jazakallah for the idea! :D

8:31 pm  
Blogger Strictly Beautiful said...

u noe they even have islamic puzzles at solitude? u shud cek it out :)

8:42 am  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

really? wahh it's been ages since the last time i went to the mall. But will check it out nanti eh. Thanx!

8:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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