Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just a lil' something


I was watching Hijrah Remaja, a religious talk show hosted by Wardina and Farihin, earlier this evening and this particular quote really caught my attention :

Aurat adalah ibarat makanan. Jika ianya terdedah, lalat akan mengerumuninya, makanan pun akan menjadi kotor dan tak ada siapa yang akan mahu menjamahnya.

Aurah is just like food. If it is left in the open, it will be swarmed by flies, become spoilt and in the end noone would want to eat it.

Hmm too meaningful to ignore don't you think? Something worth to think about and reflect on.



Anonymous Goimaalik said...

Salaamu[n] 'ala(y) mani-(al)-ttaba'a-(a)l-huda(y).

What about TABARRUJ? Aren't that two idiots Wardina and Farihin displaying their beauty still?

Real Muslimaat as Fa'tiyma[t] A(l)-zzahra said DON'T LIKE TO BE SEEN BY AJNABIYUWN MEN. So what the hell are they doing on the IDIOT-box in the first place?!?! Or did they not read Al-Qur^aan where Allah commands NOT TO MIX AL-'HAQQ AND AL-BAA'TIL AT ALL.

Here is a tafsiyr of the hadisth you posted earlier...

Here the meaning of "clothed yet naked" is that their light, thin, transparent garments do not conceal what is underneath (or tight fitting clothes reveal. Once some women of Bani Tamim, who were clad in transparent clothes, came to see 'Aishah, and she remarked, "If you are Believers, these are not the clothes which befit believing women." On another occasion, when a bride wearing a sheer and transparent head-covering was brought into her presence, she commented, "A woman who dresses like this does not believe in Surah al-Nur." (Surah 24, which together with Surah 33 (al-Ahzab) contains many injunctions concerning purity and propriety, man-woman relations, and dress. (Trans.))

I'm sick of the hypocrisy of the maalayuwn. Can't even wear proper hijaab. What's the bloody point of putting khimaar with a baby-tee and jeans? I-D-I-O-T-S.

1:18 am  
Anonymous Goimaalik said...


PLS help us educate the Muslimaat of tribe Maalayuwn that...

The Tudung is ONLY PART OF THE HIJAAB. It is called KHIMAAR. Ya'gni its the upper part of hijaab.

Al-Hijaab consist of 3 parts.

1. Upper hijaab - wearing Khimaar.
2. Lower hijaab - wearing jilbab or abaya to obliterate the figure completely.
3. Surface hijaab - tabarruj: obscuring anything that can attract men's attention. LIKE HIDING YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES WITH MAKEUP ON or not make your hijaab too stylish to the point of attraction (defeat the purpose of hijaab if its attracts men).

Remember the point of Al-Hijaab is TO HIDE and PREVENT MENLY ATTRACTION, if the hijaab clothing itself is attracting men. THEN IT HAS DEFEAT ITS PURPOSE. Might as well walk around in a bikini.

1:44 am  
Anonymous Goimaalik said...

What i meant by attracting men is attracting men to try and seduce a woman.

1:47 am  
Blogger MuslimahMelayu said...

Assalamualaikum gomaalik

Astaghfirullah. I had to say that three times after reading your comments. Before I answer you comments let me ask you this question:

Supposedly that you are a maths teacher, and one of your students only scored 30% for your last test. What would you do? Do you start screaming the word ‘idiot’ to your student’s face for failing the test? Or do you give him some encouraging advice and continue to give him support to improve himself? I sincerely hope that you choose the later and not the former. By encouraging and supporting him, insyaAllah your student will be more determined to do better in the next test and InsyaAllah he will also score better to the point of getting 100%!

My dear sister (assuming that you are a sister), Islam does not teach us to go about and start name-calling another muslim. What right do we have to call another Muslim (who I doubt are even aware that we are discussing them right now) an ‘idiot’? Are we really much better than them? At this point, I sincerely doubt it.

The way I see it, Wardina (Farihin is a man btw) is doing her part in promoting our religion. She is on tv nearly everyday talking about one Islamic issue to another. Millions of people watch her everyday. A lot of people are inspired by her. A lot of people started to wear the hijjab because of her. To me she is doing a very mulia job. A lot of female religious figures are on TV as well such as Uzh. Norbahiyah (my fav), Uzh. Dr. Masyitah Ibrahim and Uzh. Sharifah something. Personally I don’t think what they are wearing can be considered as Tabarruj. I think they are just making sure that they are presentable enough to appear on tv to be watched by millions of people.

My dear sister, all of us should strive to become a better muslim/muslimah. Wearing a full hijjab does not constitute one as a true muslimah. A lot of other factors must also be considered such as akhlak. We should refrain from judging the level of iman of another Muslim as only Allah have the right to do that. All we should do is give guidance, support as well as share whatever knowledge that we have.

If we see a muslim/muslimah that we think need guidance, then we should immediately give a hand and support them by showing the true beauty of Islam. Words of advice and encouragements should be given firmly but nicely in another words secara berhemah. InsyaAllah this person will be more readily to accept the advice. I can assure you that saying stuffs like ‘ Idiot’ will not make a person readily replace her baby-tee and jeans with full hijjab. Saying the word ‘idiot’ will not make the student who failed his maths test to work harder but instead it will make him stop studying completely. And we don’t want that to happen.

My dear sister, there are so many ways to give dakwah. So many approaches. But we need to choose them wisely or else it will backfire. Nauzubillah.

8:41 pm  
Blogger Murabiyyah said...

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9:37 pm  
Blogger Murabiyyah said...

hear hear..

9:38 pm  

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