Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A story to learn from.


I was contemplating whether to tell this story or not as I was afraid that doing so would be considered as Gheebah. Gheebah means to talk about someone behind their back in a manner that he/she would dislike i.e. mengumpat.

However, I truly think that there is a lot to learn from it, especially for the parents out there. My sister told me this story years ago. She didn’t mention the names of the parties involved, so InsyaAllah, this is not Gheebah, but if you think otherwise, just shout out yea.

One of my sister’s colleagues came to the office one day with red puffy eyes, a running nose and a look that was beyond sadness. The sound of her hiccups showed that she was probably crying the whole night before. Everyone was alarmed and immediately rushed to her side and tried to calm her down. But she just continued crying. No one knew what to do. Suddenly she started talking.

“Anak ku. Perasahanku semua udah ku buat bah. Ku antar ia ke sekulah Ugama. Pass ia periksa ugama. Ku antar ia belajar mengaji. Khatam Qur’an ia. Alum cukup kah?? Semua udah ku buat bah rasaku. Alum cukup kah apa yang ku buat ani. Alum???”

“My sons. I’ve done everything that I could. I sent them off to religious school. They passed their religious school exam with flying colours. I sent them off to Qur’an reading classes. Now they are able to read the whole of Qur’an. Isn’t that enough?? Is it not???”

It turned out that the night before, the said colleague was cleaning up one of her sons’ room and found packs of condoms in the son’s pencil case. She was alarmed when she saw the condoms. She tried to think positively. Her son was a form 4 student at that time. There was no way for him to do anything that could possibly shame her. So she waited for the son to come home

Once the son entered the door, she immediately called him.

“I was cleaning your room and I found this. Apani? (What’s this?)”
“Why is it in your pencil case?”
EH napa lagi kan Ma? Untuk dipakai lah.” (Eh why else Ma? Of course it is for me to use.)
“Ya Allah! Tau ko kah ani haram??” (Ya Allah! Don’t you know that this (zina) is haram??”
“Oh come on Ma. Everyone does itl! Ask Abang (brother)!”


I can’t imagine the sorrow that my sister’s colleague must have felt at that time to find out that not only one but two of her sons were practicing sex outside marriage.


This is the reality of our society today. Judging from the increasing number of abandoned babies found, it seems like adultery is being herald as something to be proud off. Young kids nowadays shamelessly hug and kiss each other in public! I’ve come across sooo many friendsters’ pictures of two young couples, probably no more than 15, hugging each other in bed. The question is…where are their parents at that time?? Who’s room was it? Who’s bed??

The fact that the kids are proudly posting those pictures up shows that they truly think there is nothing wrong with what they were doing at that time.

I find the question my sister’s colleague asked herself very interesting. “Isn’t it enough??”

Well….ugama school is just a starting point for the children to gain more knowledge about Islam. It would be up to the parent to ensure that the children are executing what they have learned in school. Sadly, for some kids, the day they finished their last ugama paper would also be the day of their last obligatory prayer.

Parenting is hard. I know. I can hardly keep up with my 3 nieces and nephew. But a parent should at least know where his/her children are and who they are with at a time.

I hope we (daughter, son, mother, father) learned something from the story I posted. Enjoy your day everyone. May Allah bless you all today. Amin.



Blogger Murabiyyah said...

:/ and that's only the tip of the iceberg.. Hopefully insyaAllah when we become parents one day we are spared from these kinds of trials and tribulations, Amin...

6:56 pm  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...


1:18 pm  
Anonymous strictlybeautiful said...

*sigh* i dunno wat to say seriously... i cant imagine if i was the mom :( how do u educate ur kids on the rights and wrongs... since they are already knowledgeable as it is?

1:56 pm  
Anonymous Adidarwish said...

Its very sad to see our youngsters are like that nowadays.... U just walk around yayasan, the mall and the likes, there there are holding hands and hugging without any sense of embaressment...

5:07 pm  
Anonymous Layla said...

Well said.

3:16 pm  

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