Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thoughts of the day :D

Salaam everyone,

One of my fellow readers, tpot, made a comment in my cbox on the right. I think her comment deserves a proper post as a reply. Hope you don't mind tpot :)

tpot: salaam love the posts. altho i have yet to b a true muslimah, i shall try..& by reading what uve written, i know i can

Tpot, jazakallah for your comment and for dropping by into my humble blog. Truthfully, I think what I have written so far is nothing out of ordinary.

To tell you the truth, I am yet to become a true muslimah. I am a muslim, and I am trying to upgrade myself as a muslimah but from the looks of it, my journey is still far from its destination. I even wonder if I will ever reach my destination.

To me, a true muslimah is not just someone who puts on a full hijab and prays five times per day. But she also needs to protect herself from doing anything that is syubhah. She needs to be someone who tries to do as many sunnah prayers as possible. Someone who gives sadakah. Someone who is well read hence knowlegeadble about her own religion. Someone who you can always turn to when you have doubts and questions relating to Islamic matter. Someone who....Oh the list goes on really.

And I find that I am moving ever so slowly towards that ideal muslimah that I have in mind. Sometimes I even wonder if I am moving forward at all? However, at this stage the most important thing is our niyyah. Make sure we are doing this for our love to Allah. Make sure that when we do move a step forward, we won't go two steps back. Drag that feet, move move move albeit just for an inch.

And that is why I opened this blog. This blog serves as a constant reminder for me to always try and move forward. I get my strengths from this blog. There are times when I just tie my scarf around my neck but when I read back my previous posts on hijjab....I felt ashamed of myself and try to resort back to wearing a proper hijjab.

The point is that we MUST start now and do something. In the past I used to say things like "Nanti tah bila umur ku 25, baru ku betudung". Alhamdulillah Allah gave me hidayah and made me realised that.....what if I don't get to live till 25?? I don't want to die as a non-hijjabi! I don't want to die without asking for Allah's forgiveness.

At first it takes a lot of dicipline to just simply leave behind what we used to do. But after sometimes it grows on you. In fact it makes your life so much easier. I seldom go to the saloon to cut my hair anymore. lol. I always just ask my sister (or a particular friend *uhuk*) to cut it because noone is going to see it anyway! Plus it's cost free!! hahaha. But please, you don't have to join my don't-have-to-go-to-saloon-to-cut-hair-club! hahhaa. It's just that I don't have time to go to one. I'd love to go soon though. hehe. I'd probably go during the hols.

One thing for sure, I don't remember feeling this comfortable with myself. In the past I always think of stuffs like " Do I look good in this?" or "What would people think of me if I do this or wear this?". It was just plain tiring. Besides we can't please everyone.

But now, our focus is solely to please Allah. It is difinitely much much easier to please HIM. And there's something beautiful about our religion that if one follows it, one will always look beautiful to others. Both inside and out. Just look at the Ustazs and Ustazahs on tv. Don't you think there's something about them that just soothes you when you watch them? Something that just drawns you to them? ........Or is it just me? Hmmm.

Pokoknya, there's something about our own religion in which the more we follow its teachings, the more we have this feeling of 'I am doing something that is definitely RIGHT'. And it's a very very niceeeee feelinggg. :D

The first step will always be the hardest. You will be thinking of: What will my friends say? or What will everyone else think of me?

But you know what? That is just syaitan's way of stopping us from entering Jannah and joining him in hellfire. So which one do we want?



Blogger Murabiyyah said...

Something tells me that the last time you had your hair cut was when we went to that salon together in errr november???

Well, I know that was definitely my last time!hehehehe

nice post btw dang, I SO get what u mean! Macam there's so many things about myself that I need to improve on and I just hope that Allah continues to grant me the time and His guidance to make myself a better muslimah and not be swayed by worldy sinful desires.. Amin..

9:50 pm  
Anonymous Gecko said...

keep the Iman sister!!! keep the Iman!!!

We are all on the same path...we have our ups and prescription from just nearly 2 months of trying to really change is this...

Most important is getting your Niah
straight...i mean really2 more doubts...just say it...supplicate, make du'a...say to Allah that you want to really want to change...hold strong to that faith...ask to make it easy for you and insya'Allah...

secondly, Make your 5 prayers your main goal, make your schedule around it...It is what keeps you inline...

Now if you have already got that going...i suggest you learn what you say in your prayer, i have a post on that under 'the second pillar or islam'....this i think what helped me Allah!! you feel that you get more out of your prayer...serious...

After, get an english translation of the Quran...and i dont mean just the english translation i mean the ones with arabic ayat on one side and the other with its meanings and commentary and it from the kill 2 birds with one stone...even a page or two a day would suffice just to get you started...

After that insya' will start to feel different...i Hope...perceptions change...your heart tells you to refrain from stuff that you normally do...

then it is easier to do other stuff like doing more good deeds, listening to islamic lectures, nasheeds...

A good book to read would be 'the ideal muslim' or 'the ideal muslimah'...coming from a guy who never read books before, it must be a good one...haha...

Of course the first step is always the hardest...well its not hard when you say its not...dont listen to that....the first step is easy~
its a breeze~ =)

i have already taken mine...

sacrifices have been made and it is WORTH IT!!!! =)

well if you already have that settled than this prescription is for others who are reading...

Hope it helps.... =)


10:20 pm  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

Murabbiyah: Danggggg....was that really in novemberrrr???? hahahha. no wonder the weather is kinda extra hot lately! lol!

Amin to the dua dang.

I admit there are times when I'm scared of all the sins that i may or may not intentionally do. But there are also times mcm lupa bah...inda ingau2. May Allah keep us all in HIS guidance always. Amin.

7:10 pm  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

Waalaikumsalam and Salaam to u brother.

Waahhhh brother jazakallah for the prescription and for directing me to your post! You are right, we need to perfect our prayers first before doing anything else. Ive tried learning the meanings of the ayahs in Al-fatihah, it certainly helps me to be more kusyuk in my prayers. InsyaAllah I will try to learn the meanings of the other zikirs and ayahs in our prayers.

I only have an indonesian-Malay translation of the Qur'an. I have to admit I have slight difficulties in understanding some of the Indonesian words. It never occurred to me to check out the English version until you mentioned it. Hmmm maybe I should.

You know, ive come across sooo many blogs that recommends ‘the ideal muslimah’ book. It must be really good then. Gotta put this book under my books-to-read-during-hols list.

Well brother what else can I say but jazakallah once again for your comment. I’m tempted to just simply cut and paste it and put it under a proper post!

May Allah keep us all under HIS guidance. Amin

8:50 pm  
Blogger Anneesa said...

Salaam ukhti,

I was reading this book called "Wanita Muslim di Alaf Baru" and the first line struck me.

"Siapa kah dia wanita muslim itu?

Adakah dia seorang wanita yang di lahirkan oleh ibu yang beragama islam?

Adakah dia seorang wanita tetapi hanya islam pada nama sahaja?

Adakah dia seorang wanita yang mengucap dua kalimah syahadah di siang hari dan kufur di malam hari?

Sesungguhnya seorang muslimah sejati adalah seorang wanita yang mengamalkan Islam sebagai cara hidupnya, dia mengaku bahawa Allah itu adalah TuhanNya bukan sahaja di lidah bah kan di Hatinya jua."


Like you, I sometimes wonder do I even qualify to be called a muslimah? Am i going anywhere with my faith or is it at a standstill?

Am I improving or am i deteriorating?

Am I compromising my beliefs because of my surrounding or have I maintained?

All these questions that you need to ask yourself constantly in order to find where you are at the moment in terms of your faith and relationship with Allah.

Most times for me, the answer is quite a disappointment, i feel like I have not gone anywhere. Mcm sama saja.

Sometimes terlalai pakai tudung nda sempurna, mengumpat, menyumpah, hilang sabar, etc, etc.

Like you, that is why I blog, to remind myself how I should behave and how I should continue to behave if I want to call myself a Muslimah.

That and having sisters around you to remind each other of Allah. =)

The Ideal Muslimah is a good read ukhti because insya-Allah, it covers everything, from cleanliness to house duties to work.

The only catch with it is that, the more you read, the more you realise that you have much to improve on, that where you are at the moment with your faith, is not enough, that we must strive to be better in order to please Allah. So He could grant us Jannah by His Mercy. Insya-Allah.

I read the book at a very slow pace because after I read a chapter I ponder about myself and how I could improve then seek out methods of improving. Sometimes it works, alhamdulilah, and sometimes I just go 'next time'.

But what if there is no next time kan?

May Allah save us from syaitan nirrajim and may He guide us always onto the righteous path. Ameen

10:22 pm  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

Salaam to u too Nisah :)

Okeh...thats it...i'm getting that 'ideal muslimah book'. It definitely will go under 'books to read during the hols'.

Those lines from your book struck a cord somewhere. The last paragraph beautifully emphasised the hadeeth " there is an organ in the body if it is sound the whole body becomes healthy and if corrupted the whole body goes corrupt and it is the heart". Everything truly must come from our niyyah.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts ukhti. In a way, it relieves me to know that others are also feeling this way.

You are right, we need to constanly ask ourself as to where we are right now in terms of our faith. We shouldnt be content with what we do right now or else there'll be opportunities for us to be 'lalai'.

11:46 am  
Blogger ZaREeNA said...

Salaam me sis..

Whoa, my journey 2 bcum a good muslimah s still faAar.. but how to have d muslimah's personality is (besides) depend on our niyah (juz kinda wat u said on ur post) and also our surrounding ;family n friends. kalau family ud pasti lah support but friends? sumtyms its hard to find friends who can support us..

anyway, i hv a quotation whch i quoted frm a book titled Jadi Muslimah Kudu (harus) Sukses. this s one of d books that i always read again n again..

*Bila Hidup Itu Cermin*

Bila hidup itu cermin

Maka isyarat apa yg mampu menyiratkan hidup bahwa kehidupan itu adalah sosok kita

Atau..sesosok kehidupan adalah penampakn dri wujud kita yg telah terpantulkan melalui lembar2 perjalanan


Bila hidup itu cermin

Seharusny kita lbih mengerti & memahami hidup ap dan bagaimana yg telah dan akan d lalui agar mamapu menempatkan diri padanya

Bila hidup itu cermin

Seharusny kta dpt bersntuhan lbih dkat padany agar kta mengetahui dngn jelas benar sgala kekurangan yg terpantul dari cermin itu

Namun, sayang

kita sering menganggp bahwa hidup itu adalh cermin cembung yg slalu melebih2kan kekurangan dan mengurang2kan sgala klebihan yg kta miliki

atau kta sering menganggap bahwa hidup itu adlh cermin cekung yg slalu memberikan kekecewaan pada ap yg d pantulkannya

dan menganggap cermin khidupan adalah wujud yg lari dri kenyataan

padahal kalau saja kta mampu merenungkn sjenak peristiwa yg tlah d alami,baik yg memalukan maupun yg menyenangkan adlah cerminan diri kita yg tak sempat kta cermati bahkan luput dri pandangan mata

cobalah mengerti,andai kta mampu melihat hidup ini sperti cermin datar yg stiap hari kta berkaca padany,mlihat noda hitam d wajah dngn jelas dan pelan2 mulai menutupiny dngn polesan bedak atau sekedar lotion, bukankah itu lebih mudah?

berapa kali kita bercermin untk sekedar memperindah penampilan jasad?


ktika itu,sudahkah kta bercermin dngn khidupan,menutupi kesalahan dngn amal soleh yg kita perbuat dan menjadikan kelebihan sbagai jalan untuk dkat dengan-Nya seperti yg tiap hari kita lakukan


atau memang kita malu untuk melihat sgala kekurangan kita,melalui cermin kehidupan yg ad d depan mata?


ps:f there s an indon lang whch u dun understand, juz ask, hehe..

8:13 am  
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