Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One afternoon at the Tasek


How's everyone doing? It's been ages since the last time I posted. I trully apologise for that. I have this one particular post that is still ermm 'under construction'. hehe. Being a perfectionist that I am, I refuse to post it until I can mould it the way that I have in mind. Cheh. I don't know why I can't seem to make it sounds right.

Anyway, time flies sooo fast don't you think? The school holiday is almost over! Aiyaiyai. I'm taking a break from marking my students' essays actually. I have about 40 more to go. Gahh.

I've been going to Tasek for a jog lately. Last week I brought my bubbly 4-yr-old-niece 'N', along. Being alone with N meant that I had to answer her zillion 'why-s' and 'what-s' questions. Thank God Tasek is just 15 mins drive from home.

We reached tasek at about 4.45 p.m. The parking spaces were all occupied except for this minute side park. ERK. Excluding my driving lessons, I think I've only attempted side parkings ermm 4 times??? I was sweating when I tried to maneuver the car into the tiny space at the side of the stream. I had dificulties concentrating too due to N's endless questions blaring in my ears.

Once I finally managed to park the car properly ( my car a bit kesiring but still ok to my standard :p), N suddenly asked me this:

"Bongsu, kenapa bongsu pakai tudung?" (Bongsu, why do you wear headscarfs?)

"Sebab, bini-bini bila basar, bila jalan-jalan mesti pakai tudung." (Because grown up ladies must wear headscarfs when they go out.)

"Nanti bila kaka basar, mesti pakai tudung?" (When I grow up, do I have to wear headscarfs too?)

"Mesti." (yes)

"Kalau inda?" (If I don't?)

"Eh mana bulih tu, Tuhan mana suka tu." (You cant do that. God would not be pleased.)

I helped N to unbuckle her seatbelt and was about to open the car door when she suddenly pointed to some random girl and said:

"Atu bini-bini atu kenapa ia inda pakai tudung?" (That girl- how come she is not wearing a headscarf?)

I immediately pulled her arm down and said, "Ahh antah. Ia inda mau kali." (Ahhh I dont know. Maybe she just doesnt want to.)

N is very persistant you see, so she continued, "Ia inda pakai tudung sebab ia inda sekolah? Nada orang ajar?" (She is not wearing a headscarf because she didn't go to school? Nobody taught her?"

I smiled hearing her questions. N has this thing that whenever someone does something wrong, it meant that that person doesn't go to school, being taught properly like most people do.

So I said, "Ia sekolah kali eh. Inda bongsu tau kenapa ia inda pakai tudung. Bah kaka, akhir tani karang. Tapi bila keluar kereta inda buleh tunjuk2 orang ahh. Sama inda buleh tanya2 soalan pasal orang lain ahh." (I think she went to school. I dont know why she is not wearing a headscarf. Ok kaka, we are going to be late. But once we go out, do not point to others ok? And dont ask questions about others ok?)

N immediately nodded and opened the car door and off we went into the Tasek.

I have an amazing niece. Yeah I'm biased but I cant help but think that her mind works in a very amazing way. Her question about 'school' struck me.

Most of us started learning 'Ugama' as a subject at a tender age of 5 or 6. But years after we 'graduated' from ugama schools, how much do we remember from what we have learned? How much of it do we even practise? We studied, we learned, we memorised, we sat for the exam, we passed the exam....and then? Everything, well almost all, just went out of the window. We forget. We forget because we didn't practise what we learned. Shame on us. Pity us.

But it is never too late to re-learn everything right?

So now we know better. We should learn and practise so that we won't forget.

This reminder goes to me as well. Especially to me.

Have a good rest people. May Allah bless you all always. Amin.



Blogger Murabiyyah said...

that's one very clever niece! ;)
thanks for the reminder sistarrrr =)

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