Saturday, July 14, 2007

Girls in heels


It was early in the morning and I was having my breakfast with the family when suddenly we heard a familiar pik-pok-pik-pok sound.

Sure enough a few seconds later,emerged two of my pyjama-clad nieces, both in heels (mine!) with serukups (inner head scarfs) on their heads (also mine!). Obviously they had been merrily exploring my room. The girls then started running around in my heels! haha. It makes me wonder if we girls are born to balance ourselves on a pair of sticks.

Presenting my infamous.......

Lil D and Bubbly N

Both wearing my serukups. hehe. Too bad they had taken off my shoes when I went in to get my camera.

Anyway, I apologise for my lack of proper post. InsyaAllah one is coming soon. :D

But errmmm...'soon' here means my standard of 'soon' okeh? hehe. Gotta sleep now, I'm bringing my students for the flag-waving at the padang in 7 hrs time. Sigh.



Blogger Murabiyyah said...

hahaha! *LOL*

Melating dangggg!! Basar sudah niece mu yang eldest atu ahh, it seems like it was not too long ago when you burst into my room while we were all asleep, jumping up and down and screaming "KAMUU!!! AKU ADA NIECE!!"

and me waking up groggily saying? "huh? you have news?"

hahahahaha blesssss ;)

2:51 pm  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

Hahaha! Dangg wait a few years and your niece will be running around in your heels! hehehe.

Awuu haha that 'news' bit was funny! I remember I was hairan napa kamu semua inda cakap apa2 and looked at me expectantly.....panya u guys were waiting for the'news'! haha. Manakan, it was tangah2 malamm. hehe

11:10 pm  
Anonymous iSKAVZ said...

Assalamualaikum Muslimah Melayu.

You sound like a 'pro-hijab' wearer (based on your previous posts). (Like I do)

I would like to introduce you iSKA:VZ which is due to arrive in Brunei very soon.

Please check this out. for further information.

Many thanks!

6:17 am  
Blogger Bella said...

hahaha aiii kiutnyaaaaaaaa makin kuat tah maternal instinct ku nahhh

10:53 pm  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

iskavz, thank you. InsyaAllah will visit your blog again.

Bella: hehe. melating dang ahhh. hehe. InsyaAllah know what i mean. =)

11:41 pm  
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