Monday, July 30, 2007

Fasting day 1


I was fasting this morning. A word of reminder to myself: ALWAYS sleep early on the night before you fast and alway always alwayssssss eat sahoor.

I slept at 1 am last night as I had to finish off some work. Since I wasn't hungry I thought I would just sleep first and wake up at 4am for sahoor.


I woke up at 6 am just in time for me to dizzily dash of to the bathroom for my wudhu and then pray exactly 5 mins before syuruk. Hiyahh!

I guess Allah was testing me this morning as some colleagues offered me kueh linggangs. Blehh nyaman banar usulnya kueh linggang ahhhhhh. haha.

Teaching was almost impossible too. It was difficult to project my voice loud enough for the whole class to hear. Then everytime I sat, my eyes started drooping off. Seriously. It is not cool to fall asleep in front of your students.

Then at 11-ish one of my babehs texted me : Dang u free? Lunch?


I was tempted to reply : BAH LAKAS TAH! Aku mo Thai food.


I bet the devils were swarming around me, putting in the images of manggo fish and tom yam soup in my head at that time.

In my sleepy and tired mental state, it took a superhuman effort to reply the text and say no. (Babe if u are reading this: raincheck ahhh! We need to catch up soon. hehe)

This is just a short post actually. I need to sleep now or the same thing that happened today will happen again tomorrow.

But before I go I suggest everyone to read this site:Fadhilat Rejab, Antara realiti dan fantasi

I must say after reading the article, I am a bit concerned of the emails that are going around right now concerning the fadhilats of Rejab. Which is which?



Anonymous Murabiyyah said...


Balik balik I had to say to myself LillahiTa'ala..

Aku lapar sampai aku paning and migraine.. ngam lagi on that day my colleague sedakah nasi goreng! sia sia pun!

Banyak ah cubaan ahh.. tapi aku banar banar rasa besyukur that sampai jua akhirnya lah.. mudahan saja amalan tani kana teriaa Allah SWT.. Amin :)

10:33 pm  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

Hehehe. Cobaannnn. But yess, bila udah maghrib atu....happy rasanya that ive managed to puasa for 1 day. hehe. Alhamdulillah mudahannn kana terima. Amin.

9:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Selamat membayar puasa =) Mudahan amal ibadah diterima oleh Allah SWT. Amin!

7:07 pm  
Blogger Muslimah Melayu said...

Salaam anonymous.

Jazakallah. And amin to ur dua. =D

8:45 pm  

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