Saturday, September 01, 2007

A rojak post

Salaam everyone :D

I loveee my nieces. They can be so innocently hilarious. My eldest niece was sitting next to her sister when she suddenly let go of her deadly gas (LOL!).

Niece 1: Oppss sorry!
Niece 2: Kaka ani, cubatah cakap Alhamdulillah. (Kaka, you were supposed to say Alhamdulillah)


My sister i.e. their mom, cracked up and said: Ehhh mana ada cakap Alhamdulillah lapas kantut! (Ehhh you don’t say Alhamdulillah after you broke wind!)
Niece 2: Alhamdulillah lapas apa tah? (When do we say Alhamdulillah then?)
My sister: Lapas berasin. ( After sneezing)
Niece 2: Lapas kantut? ( After breaking wind?)
My sister: Mana ada. (Nothing!)

LOL blessss.

Niece 1 put on her thinking look and asked: Lapas menguap cakap apa babu? (What do we say after yawning?)
My sister: A’uzubillah.
Niece 1 scratched her head and muttered to herself: “banyak jua kan di ingati ani.” (I have so much to remember!)

Aren’t they adorable?? Heheheh. My eldest niece is 4 while the second one is 3. May they be within Allah’s hidayah always. Amin.

Anyway, it was such a beautiful day today don’t you think? I love Friday. It’s our family breakfast day. It’s our mommy-daughters-window-shopping day. It’s also my girlie Halaqah meet day :D :D. We listened to many many scary stories about Qiyamah during halaqah btw. *shivers*

As I mentioned many times (as I’m way too excited about it hehe) Ramadhan is coming soon. Usually it’s times like these that you will find most muslimahs frantically repaying (qadha’) their missed fast. hehe. Have you repaid yours? If you haven’t better start now before it’s too late.

Now every year, I hear some sisters telling me that they have up to 20 days or more to Qadha. Always the reason is that they have not repaid their fasts from 2 or 3 Ramadhans before. SO they say they have to double or even triple the number of days that they have to Qadha. Now ukhtis, that isn’t the right way to do it.
Whenever we missed certain fasting days, it is wajib for us to qadha them before the next ramadhan comes. If we did not manage to repay our fast until the following ramadhan, then we still need to qadha them with the addition of paying fidyah. So NO doubling the number of fasting days- they are still the same.

And then if we still were unable to qadha until even the next ramadhan, the fidyah now will need to be doubled. But the number of days to qadha is STILL the same. So it is the fidyah that increases for every year that we put off our qadha and NOT the number of days to be repaid. Now remember, paying fidyah does not replace one’s responsibility to repay (qadha’) one’s missed fast. It is still compulsory for one to repay (qadha’) one’s missed fast as long as one has the capacity and ability to do so.

What is fidyah? Fidyah is giving food to the poor and needy. Food here refers to the staple food of the community where the person lives in. For us here in Brunei, it is rice. Hence, those who pay fidyah must pay with one mud (secupak) of rice for each missed day.

Fidyah should be paid after one does not qadha' before the coming of the next Ramadan. And it should continue to be paid as long as the qadha' is not performed. Because fidyah does NOT replace qadha'.

Hence, if one does not fast in 2004, and he does not qadha' until Ramadan 2005, he must pay fidyah and qadha' before Ramadan 2006. If he does not qadha' till Ramadan 2006, then after the Ramadan, he must pay again the fidyah, times two, and qadha'.

I hope i’m not writing is not making u more confused. hehe. The clock is 0018. ERK. I better sleep now or the boss will find me snoring on my desk tomorrow. :D
p/s Sometimes i forget that those other than my friends also read this blog. so ive edited the post. heheheheheh.



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